Thursday, February 21, 2008

Opening March 1st!

For Immediate Release:
Sky High Celebrates 20 Years
March 1- March 31, 2008

Opening Reception Saturday, March 1st 7-10pm
After party at Franks Power Plant 10pm- Close

Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery
2375 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207

Note from the curator:
This show is about more than skate boarding, it is about the fact that a small independent business has made it through 20 years of business in a time where the mass majority of people shop either online or at mega malls. This show is a celebration of the accomplishments that a small independently owned business specializing in a niche community. It is not only admirable but exciting to see a small business make this is a reality, we realize the struggles and sacrifices one has to make to see their dream come true are not easy . Paper Boat is proud to show solidarity to their neighbor Sky High who has made it to the 20 year mark- join us opening night and give a toast to the future of supporting local business.
- Faythe Levine

Sky High is an independently owned skate shop currently located in the Bay View neighborhood in Milwaukee, WI. That will be celebrating its 20-year mark of being open this year. Sky High Neighbors, Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery is pleased to be hosting a
Retrospective show of Sky High in Wisconsin that will include photographs, skateboard decks, flyers and memorabilia of the past 20 years.

20 Year Timeline of Sky High
: George and Dimitri Dimitropoulos opened the Douglas Ave location in Racine, while they were still in high school.

1991: The shop moves to a larger space on Main St. operated solely by George Dimitropoulos.

1992: Aaron Polansky starts working for Sky High
George is planning to open a new location on Hwy 100 and Layton Ave in Greenfield.

1993: New Shop opens at 4649 S. 108th st. and sales in Racine were dwindling so the old location was shut down.

1994: Aaron Polansky moves back to Milwaukee and begins working at Hwy 100 location.

1998: Polansky, while San Francisco for two months is given the offer to buy Sky High from George. Aaron wasn't interested at first, but then could see the trend of skateboarding rising in popularity once again. In October Aaron Polansky decides to buy the store.

1999: With the help of a loan from his father Aaron Polansky is the new owner of Sky High. As he predicted, skate boarding's popularity hit the roof. During this year Aaron worked 7 days a week without much pay, but with the increase in popularity sales kept going up.

: Polansky has all loans paid off and the store was doing well.

2004: In February, with the repeated help of his father, Aaron bought a building in the up and coming neighborhood of Bay View for the newest location. 2501 S. Howell Ave.

2005: In June the new space was open for business. By August of the Hwy 100 location was closed.

2006: In an effort to promote local businesses Sky High works with small independently owned Bay View shops creating the "Common Ground" project releasing a limited edition of 100 skateboard decks designed by each company. Businesses included were Fashion Ninja, Solid State Tattoo, Cactus Club, Fasten Collective, Rushmore, Luv Unlimited, Paper Boat Boutique & Gallery, Hi Fi Café and the Brew City Brewsers Roller Girl League.

2007: In December DC Shoes released a Sky High specific skate shoe that was inspired by a two-car garage with a small mini ramp where Polansky and friends spent every Friday night for two winters skating. The DC shoes were limited to 88 pairs and the Danger
Room shoe was a great success, kids were asking people where to get Danger Room shoes, not knowing what Sky High even was.

2008: Sky High celebrates 20 years of skateboarding in Wisconsin being an essential part of the local and national skate community.

Sky High will continue to offer a wide selection of decks, shoes, books, and apparel.

The future of sky high from owner Aaron Polansky:
"Sky High has always been involved in the Milwaukee skate scene. In the future I hope to continue in that tradition by hosting more skate jams, block parties, and other community events. I am looking forward to organizing an event this summer at the Humboldt Park band shell that would include live music, skating, and bring your own BBQ. I plan on continue to work with the other local businesses promoting ourselves and the Bay View community, which a good majority of us live and work in. I have hopes of developing our already expanding line of Sky High clothing to include not only just tees and sweatshirts, but also expanding into denim and other outerwear such as spring jackets and winter coats."

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