Sunday, April 27, 2008

Featured Designer #2 Ben Floeter

Paper Boat is pleased to introduce you to a new addition to our shop and this weeks featured designer, Providence based artist Ben Floeter. Ben makes an awesome variety of handmade products including wooden bricks, mustache key hook and whale chalkboards all available in the shop!

Name: ben floeter
Location: Providence, RI

1. Tell us briefly what you make:

2. How long have you been doing it?
i've been making things as far back as i can remember. this most recent run of stuff started with the brick blocks. i made the first bricks in january 2008.

3. Where did you learn your skills?
i grew up surrounded by creative people. my dad is a carpenter and my mom is an artist. i've learned a lot of things on my own, just by having an idea and figuring out the best way to do it.

4. What is your current inspiration?
trash night, a good batch of mashed potatoes, the comedy stylings of kristen wiig, and my wife natalie who puts up with all my shenanigans.

5. What have you been listening to while you work?
right now i'm listening to a compilation by P572, but i listen to a lot of different stuff every time i'm in my studio. lately it's been 70's reggae, led zepplin, johnny cash, brant bjork, ghostland observatory, and a little rick ross.

6. What else do you do to keep busy?
i have a solo show at a gallery in DC called artwhino in november, so i've been painting a lot. when i'm not in my studio, i am riding one of my bikes or playing fetch with my cat, olive.

7. Any summer plans you are looking forward to?
right now i am getting ready for the renegade craft fair in brooklyn. after that i am going to alaska with my entire family. but what i'm really looking forward to is spending most of the summer with my family in wisconsin!

* If you can make it into Paper Boat to check out Ben's work visit his shop HERE

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