Monday, May 5, 2008

Featured Designer #3 Mollie Green of La Familia Green

Our current featured designer is the fabulous Mollie Green creator behind the stationary line La Familia Green- a must have for the usual and unusual occasions. La Familia Green features tons of amazing designs including great cards for Mother's & Father's day, both quickly approaching!!*all photos courtesy of the artist
Name: Mollie Green
Business Name: La Familia Green
Location: Chicago, IL

1. Tell us briefly what you make/do:
handprinted/collaged cards---for holidays and special occasions, or just for fun; and hand-bound journals---created from VHS boxes, album sleeves, and vintage postally-used postcards.

2. How long have you been doing it?
since 20053. Where did you learn your skills?
Formally, I have a BFA in painting and print media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and I honed my stationery chops while working at Paperboy here in Chicago. Informally, I taught myself to print on a Gocco, and I'm always coming up with my own lo-tech techniques.

4. What's your current inspiration?
We just went to Mexico City, and I loved the intense color---embroidered textiles, violet flowering trees, abundant candy, painted doors and gates---usually royal blue, and the ring girls at lucha libre matches---their fabulous day-glo bikinis and go go boots.

5. What have you been listening to while you work?
I always come back to npr---what can I say, I heart Terry Gross. And a rotating playlist of new and classic Indie Rock---The Clientele, Pinback, Stars, Stereolab, Spoon, Belle and Sebastian... But right now I'm listening to David Bowie on my Sirius radio.

6. What else do you do to keep busy?
I'm lucky enough to live in the same neighborhood as most of my friends---so I love going for walks with any of them. Or thift store scavenging with my cute husband Andrew, or going to movies with my brother Bill. And I love riding my bike around town. This summer I finally want to teach my cat Lemur (one of three) to walk on a leash!

7. Any summer plans you are looking forward to?
I plan to finally get my etsy shop up and running---it's going to house my collage pieces and paintings. And I'm excited to work on my tennis game.

* If you can make it into Paper Boat to pick up cards visit his shop HERE

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